About us

JANNOT is a Fashion company, established in 1989 in Paris by fashion designer Pierre Marc JANNOT with the mission of capturing the magic of beauty in its many forms: "Beauty has the power to bring joy, a sunshine through clouds. Beauty is everywhere, from a beautiful symphony to a sculpture, from a painting to a beautiful shoe, beauty is what we pursue, and it is constantly in motion." - P.M. Jannot

Our collection consists of a variety of unique and contemporary items, from the Laffitte sneakers to now electronic goods, t-shirts or watches, and much much more. Staying true to our Parisian roots, we also love to travel the world and get inspired by the great styles and people all over the world. As we bring our passion and inspiration to more and more places, JANNOT is becoming a real global brand.

Always ensuring the highest quality and original designs, we maintain affordable prices, that is what JANNOT stands for.

Yours sincerely,

The JANNOT team